San Francisco Foodellaneous III

The final day in San Francisco was all about waiting. We hit the streets around 10 a.m. in order to squeeze in the last sights before our 6 p.m. airport shuttle.

  • I’ve developed what runners and other people who exercise frequently call “shin splints.” This is foreign subject to me, particularly since the most regular exercise I get involves pushing a cart around Wegmans. I also have about eight blisters on my feet and a gigantic bruise on one of my toes. I blame this all on the fact that I’m really a size 14 and have been wearing size 13 shoes.
  • The de Young is worth every penny, particularly the contemporary American art wing. The cafe is among the best museum eateries in the country. Sadly, it was one of the more expensive lunchtime dining experiences of the week. For a mere $30, we had two slices of quiche and a fruit salad.
  • Ghirardelli Square is a bit of a fraud. Essentially, it’s a parking garage, hotel and three ice cream shops. The chocolate making moved to San Leandro, Calif. in the mid-1960s. We finally stopped for ice cream on Saturday afternoon. The place was mobbed. We settled for a $6 milk shake. It was…okay. I mean, it’s a 16 oz. milk shake with a candy bar blended in it. Speaking of which…
  • Speaking of Ghirardelli frauds, I thought maybe they made their own ice cream. I mean, that would explain the gargantuan lines out front. Right? Right? WRONG! It’s not even a special edition ice cream from one of the big companies. No. It’s garden variety Edy’s/Dreyer’s. Such a letdown.

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