Grocery List: November 11, 2012

We’re back to regular programming here at Al Dente. Last week’s illness did not require me to be quarantined in an infectious disease clinic. When I finally broke down on Wednesday and went to the doctor (in fairness, after waffling on whether I was going to see the doctor, my co-worker and lunch partner Toni jammed her phone in my hand and said, “Call now.”), I was told that I had a chest cold. After one puff on a magic inhaler, I was apparently much clearer when she listened to me on her stethoscope.

My visit also led to the discovery of a new painkiller. Well, new to me anyways. My doc saw me get up from the exam table rather gingerly and asked what was wrong. I explained my current symptoms. She checked me out and gave me tramadol. It’s not a narcotic, but it’s certainly a lot better than the ibuprofen that I was eating like candy.

One of the other outcomes of this week’s trip to the doctor was that my weight is up and, not surprisingly, my blood pressure. Naturally she is worried about both. So, we’re going to try and adjust some things around here at mealtime. I think you will see more vegetables incorporated with dinner. I’ll likely see a cutback on my daily lunch outings. The goal here is to get my BP under control without having to curb my last real vice: obsessive coffee drinking.

This week’s shopping list will result in the following dinners:

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