Grocery List: January 20, 2013 (and some acknowledgements)

IMG_0076We chose the windiest day of this short year to make a group trip to Wegmans and Target. Usually on lousy weather days, I’ll go alone. I might take The Kid to give The Wife a break. Without my betrothed, I can stretch a simple Sunday shopping trip well past the one-hour mark.

With her in tow, Sunday groceries are an “as quick as possible” adventure, as evidenced by last week’s experience in Dewitt.

Making this week even more challenging is The Kid’s new obsession with public restrooms. Apparently, it is no longer a fun outing unless we can pee there. This includes our regular Friday night jaunt to Stella’s Diner, our Sunday visit to Wegmans, and our friends’ houses. Layla went potty five times at our one friend’s house earlier this month, we think, because she got to climb their stairs. Such is life with a toddler.


It was a big week here at Al Dente, thanks to some timely Tweets from the Dogfish Head Brewery, food writer/sommelier Rick Bakas and bestselling author Nancy Baggett, and retweets by some friends and strangers. The traffic to the blog was the best we ever had here. So, if you are new to these parts, welcome. If you are a regular reader of the blog, thanks.

This week for dinner, we’re trying out a new stir fry, pasta with kale for Meatless Monday and a new chicken thing later in the week. Plus, I have a new ice cream recipe to share, as well as a foray into French cuisine from Saturday evening.

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