Grocery list: June 16, 2013 (The Father’s Day edition)

2013-06-16 at 09-48-03All praise be to The Wife, who for Father’s Day allowed me to sleep from the point The Kid awoke at 6:10 until 8:10. I’ll take that as half of my gift for Father’s Day, as the other half would be the grill sitting in my garage.

Truth be told, I was not aware that Father’s Day was this weekend until sometime Wednesday or Thursday when The Wife asked me what I wanted to get my own father. She was surprised, but not very, when I asked what she was talking about.

Apparently, I was going to get pancakes for breakfast this morning, but we were out of Bisquick. My best guess is that we ran out in and around the time of The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis and never replenished. This didn’t occur to The Wife — until she tried making said breakfast — or me — until she mentioned it later in this morning.

Speaking of Bisquick, here’s the issue that arises with gluten free food: it’s expensive. Very expensive. In most cases, we’re talking about $1 per package for something that is replacing a conventional food item. In the case of Bisquick, it’s a little more. The 40 oz. box of regular Bisquick is 8.2 cents an ounce. The gluten free version, sold in 16 oz. boxes, tips in at 31.2 cents an ounce, or nearly quadruple the cost.

No big plans for Father’s Day, which is the best gift of them all. I think I’m going to squeak in an afternoon nap, maybe eek in some father-daughter dollhouse time or some laundry. It’s really not much different than any other Sunday around here.

Except that I got to sleep in. For Father’s Day. And all of that adds up to a beautiful thing.

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