Garden 2013: Day 79


IMG_4275It’s been a while.

Since we last checked in, the herbs have outgrown their planters and the tomatoes survived our trip to Delaware. This is always dicey because of the heat. When it’s too hot, The Mother-In-Law does not spend a lot of time watering. But, they thrived on the sunshine and The Kid picked the first tomatoes on Monday night.

IMG_4279The Kid has been a huge help. Much like last year, she takes great pride in watering the plants. Of course, most nights she waters herself more than the garden, but what are you going to do, right?

The dill needed a serious cutting back last week. I’m hoping I can regenerate enough to make a batch of pickles at the end of the month. Next year, I’ll skip that. The lemon thyme cannot be stopped. Is thyme a weed? It certainly grows like one.

And my cilantro is still alive! With any luck, it holds out long enough for me to get a good crop of tomatoes for salsa. At the very least, it has served us well at dinner time.

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