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Yellow really isn’t slimming on me, is it?

Funny thing. It appears that I’m Twitter followers with a bunch of people I’ve never met before.

I mean, yeah, I’ve never met Jose Andres or Steve Inskeep, whom I follow, but I’m not talking about them. I mean that there are people whom I interact with that I’ve never actually met in person. There’s Michelle Breidenbach, whom I am friends with on Facebook and Twitter. Prior to this morning, I’ve only ever chatted with her online. And Stef Noble, whom I know from her Twitter account.

I finally met them both, along with seeing some others, at Friday’s Social Media Breakfast. This month’s gathering focused on food blogging, and featured:

I moderated the discussion, which turned into a rather robust conversation that is transferrable to other blogs and writing.

My former editor, Maria, was there and she asked a question about getting started with a blog as she is looking to start one of her own. I thought back to the advice she gave me a long time ago when I was a high school snot and she was the editor that took an interest and helped me hone my writing ability. She told me that it was important to find my voice. In a news story, it needs to be authoritative. In a column, it needs to be conversational. In a feature, it needs to tell a story. But, no matter what, it needs to be authentic. It was advice I gave back to her today.

See, this is really one big food-related column. I’m not a serious food writer. I seriously love food and I enjoy writing about it, but I’m not Mark Bittman or Adam Platt. I try to write my restaurant reviews in the way that I was taught in journalism school. Tell a story and paint a picture for the reader. Let the picture show them what is good and bad. But, my goal is to be conversational and genuine. I mean, have you seen the note paper I use for the weekly grocery store post? The long-winded posts, such as this one? This blog is me, but with less f-bombs.

Since I do so rarely, I would like to thank you, dear reader, for coming along on this little ride. If you would like to know more about Thursday’s Social Media Breakfast conversation, check Twitter for the hashtag #SMBSyr. And, if you want to complain to someone about the way I write, blame Maria.

It’s all her fault.

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