Garden 2014: Day 98

2014-08-30 at 18-45-31Admittedly, it has been awhile since I have updated on the garden.

Admittedly, it has been awhile since there has been anything worth updating on.

In the 74 days since my last update, the garden has produced herbs. That’s it. Otherwise, this year’s endeavor has been an utter and complete failure.

2014-08-30 at 18-45-15Now, there is a school of thought that the damp, cool summer has held back the growth of Roma and San Marzano tomatoes. Fine. Whatever. I have one reddish tomato to show for it. The plants are otherwise bearing a bunch of green tomatoes and yellowish-brown leaves.

Even the bean plants that The Kid watered have been a loss.

2014-08-30 at 18-45-34So, the herbs from Delaney Farms were a winner. The tomatoes from Wylie Fox were stinkers. I’ll keep that in mind for next spring.

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